Apple (AMB) Token — First Introduction

Binemon NFT Game
2 min readApr 6, 2022

Binemon prioritizes product completion above all to prepare for significant market expansion. This philosophy will affirm the developers’ devotion to the project’s Roadmap and ensure the entire ecosystem’s progression.

Binemon has come across 2 significant breakthroughs in July (NFT & Dapp release) and August (BIN token release), which forged its reputation and brought about the recognition and conviction of the community that is still accompanying the project.

We understand that the utmost need of the Binemon community is your revenue obtained from the project, specifically, a breakthrough in our mass-market recognition. To achieve that, creating an appropriate business model and a cash flow abundant enough to fuel its operation are the next steps we will walk.

Therefore, plans for launching the new token, Apple (AMB), will be carried out very soon.

Apple’s launching procedure (AMB)

  • Release complete information.
  • Organize an Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO), 100% Fair Launch.
  • Integrate AMB token into Binemon Game. Adjust the reward system to AMB token.
  • Disable the transfer portal AMB-BIN

What makes Apple (AMB) — the secondary token of Binemon Ecosystem — stand out?

  • Independent cash flow to push ROI in Binemon P2E.
  • Perpetuate and sustain P2E Fund.
  • Hold-to-Earn mechanism helps create a new income source for both token investors and Binemon players.
  • Liquidity Provide mechanism creates an increasing liquidity reserve.
  • The one-of-a-kind auto-burn mechanism in GameFi, forging a reward token that constantly deflates to ensure the value of token.
  • The periodically Buy-back mechanism assists the growth of AMB token.
  • No dev token distribution. 100% community-driven.

So, how about BIN token?

  • BIN will take the role of an administration token, which is aimed to have a significant influence on the future development of Binemon (especially our direction after finishing the Roadmap), investment funds, partnership, and individual investors.
  • BIN is the token representing the project, and its use cases remain unchanged.

Now is the time! Time for you, Binemon community, to show your companionship, trust, and support for the project. Because you are the whole reason for Binemon to be sustained to this day, and we will shine even brighter.



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