Binemon Daily PVP Gameplay

  • SQUIDGAME: A completely new player can join with significantly cheap prices, maybe less than $5, to play Squid Game Series and seize beneficial prizes of $BIN token and Skill Gems (NFT).
  • TRAINING: You can also build a formation from scratch and utilize Training feature to earn EXP and level up your Mons (NFTs). Besides increasing their overall power, higher levels will increase the value of your Mons on the Marketplace, too.
  • PVP: Ultimately, PVP is where you will discover and attain a sustainable income in a constantly competitive environment.


  • Ranked matches and leaderboard summary will take place every 24 hours, specifically at 1PM UTC everyday, where we move on to the next PVP day.
  • All rules remain unchanged with the existing Attack & Defense gameplay. Opponent matching and Rank points changes after each match will stay the same.
  • Free Ticket will be removed. Paid Ticket and its pricing remain the same. All of paid ticket revenue will be added to P2E Fund to sustain the reward system. We strive for the long-term 3–5 years growth of Binemon, similar to how Axie was built since 2018 and succeeded.
  • Players are required to join at least 1 PVP match per day to be accounted for Rank Position.

Daily PVP Reward Distribution

  • Instead of distributing rewards based on Rank Titles, rewards will now be distributed by Rank Positions. After the day is finalized, players will receive rewards on par with their final Rank Positions (1PM UTC everyday).
  • Total reward per day: 500,000 $BIN (=15,000,000 $BIN per month).
*BIN price: $0,0069



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Binemon NFT Game

Binemon NFT Game


Inspired by Axie Infinity to create a true 3D Idle GameFi version. Try it out and be amazed!