Binemon Daily PVP Gameplay

Going through 3/10 development phases, Binemon is now equipped with 3 main game modes: PVP, Squid Game, Training. All game modes have defined resource distribution mechanisms. Binemon is gradually completing its general picture of an ecosystem.

  • SQUIDGAME: A completely new player can join with significantly cheap prices, maybe less than $5, to play Squid Game Series and seize beneficial prizes of $BIN token and Skill Gems (NFT).

We have been through a total of 4 Monthly & 18 Weekly PVP Seasons. Now, with more technical capabilities, awareness from the market, the community’s knowledge and the willingness to share, we will advance to the next step: Daily PVP. As previously mentioned, Daily PVP will stimulate constant competition and excitement among players, while creating a responsive income source for Binemon players.

Below are the new changes when moving to Daily PVP, expected to be released next week.


  • Ranked matches and leaderboard summary will take place every 24 hours, specifically at 1PM UTC everyday, where we move on to the next PVP day.

Daily PVP Reward Distribution

  • Instead of distributing rewards based on Rank Titles, rewards will now be distributed by Rank Positions. After the day is finalized, players will receive rewards on par with their final Rank Positions (1PM UTC everyday).
*BIN price: $0,0069



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