Binemon DApp will officially be moved to Binance Smart Chain

Binemon NFT Game
2 min readFeb 3, 2022


Released on 15/7/2021, Binemon Dapp was originally built on DRKchain, a private chain that fulfill the need for low cost and high efficiency. That proved to be effective when supporting users in saving transaction fee and allowing the team to focus on building the product in the previous time.

As previously mentioned, at the moment, Binemon needs a breakthrough in approaching the community and new opportunities for growth and reaching the next pinnacle. Along with that, the MVB IV program organized by Binance Smart Chain might be a stepping stone for Binemon to accomplish that target. We’ve acknowledged that now must be the time for a significant change in the product’s core of Binemon.

Therefore, Binemon Dapp will officially be located in a new home, Binance Smart Chain.


  • Bridging NFTs (Egg, Mon, Skill Gem) and account balance (AMB, BNBP, SHIBP) between DRKChain and Binance Smart Chain.
  • Releasing the new versions of Binemon Game and Marketplace, operating on Binance Smart Chain.
  • $BNB will be used in transactions on the new Marketplace.


7/2/2022 to 14/2/2022: Bridging NFTs and account balances between DRKChain and BSC. During this time, all gaming activities (PVE, PVP Season 16) and transactions on Marketplace (DRKChain version) will be temporarily disabled to ensure a smooth bridging process.

From 14/2/2022: Releasing the new Binemon Game on Google Play Store (Android), TestFlight (iOS) and WebGL, and the new Marketplace on BSC; kickstarting PVP Season 16 and releasing multiple series of new products, features and plans.

Detailed instructions and bridge site will be announced at commencement date. Thank you for your understanding and companionship, #BinArmy. Get ready for a new era of Binemon.



Binemon NFT Game

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