Binemon Development (3/10 Phase)

Binemon NFT Game
4 min readApr 2, 2022

This article summarizes activities related to Binemon since Binemon Dapp officially migrated to BNBChain (7/2/2022–1/4/2022) and follow-up plans, including Economy and Products.

Financial activities in the economic system of Binemon utilize 100% revenue from all available sources to reward players and serve the mutual growth of the Game and Token.

Buy-back BIN token

A total of $91,000 (in BNB) from Marketplace fee and Egg/AMB sales have been used to buy back BIN token on Pancake Swap.

P2E Fund Provision

A total of 42,272,776 BIN has been compiled from Trading Tax, Egg/AMB sales, and Token Buy-back has been added to P2E Fund from 7/2/2022–1/4/2022. P2E Fund is now at 84,500,000 BIN.

  • 10,785,715 BIN - TXID
  • 22,824,795 BIN - TXID
  • 2,356,696 BIN - TXID
  • 6,305,570 BIN- TXID

P2E Fund Rewarded

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Below are the changes related to orientating Binemon in-game economy, starting from 1/4/2022.

150,000,000 BIN gift for P2E Fund from Dev token share

To sustain product growth and the most solid reward system, we have decided to gift our P2E Fund a total of 150 Million BIN from Dev Token Share on 22/8/2022 (unlocked by Unicrypt).

This is our affirmation in creating the best among all to supporting Binemon players.


20% increase in DailyPVP Reward

DailyPVP rewards will increase by 20% for every Rank Position, from a total of 500,000 BIN to 600,000 BIN per day (18 million BIN per month).

To be implemented over the next few days.


Adjusting Marketplace fee to 30% (selling side)

BIN major exchange listing lead to diffused trading volume, causing tighter P2E Fund revenue from Trading Tax. Hence, we will increase Marketplace fee to 30% (selling side).

150 Million BIN from dev share and 30% MP fee will be a significant addition to P2E Fund and support for willing players still supporting Binemon.

Marketplace fee is accounted for in BNB. The amount will be used to buy back BIN and transferred to P2E Fund. This can be considered as an act to support BIN growth. BIN price increases, reward value increases.


Adjustment for Squid Game Reward

Reward system for Binemon Squid Game: RLGL & Glass Bridge will expectedly change in the next update. All win will earn BIN as main reward, and Skill Gem Fragments, accounted in Bonus reward.


In-progress product development activities.

DailyPVP, AR implementations.

Fixing and upgrading Squid Game, adding Voice Chat feature.

The next New Mons Festival.

NFT Equipments.

Guild System, Friend list.

VRF integration, Keepers of ChainLink.

Besides, listing and partnership expansion activities (marketing & product growth) are being strongly conducted.

#Binemon $BIN Updated 2/4/2022

✅ 100% Fair Launch Token.

✅ 100% revenue (NFTs sales) for P2E Fund.

✅ 3D graphics, 3 game modes: Squid game, DailyPVP and Training.

✅ Contracts backed by Certik, Chainlink, Unicrypt & Solid Proof.

💎 Marketcap: $6,991,157

💰 Liquidity: $2,339,231

💪🏼 Holders: 34,000



Binemon NFT Game

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