Binemon Development (3/10 Phase)

Buy-back BIN token

P2E Fund Provision

  • 10,785,715 BIN - TXID
  • 22,824,795 BIN - TXID
  • 2,356,696 BIN - TXID
  • 6,305,570 BIN- TXID

P2E Fund Rewarded

150,000,000 BIN gift for P2E Fund from Dev token share

20% increase in DailyPVP Reward

Adjusting Marketplace fee to 30% (selling side)

Adjustment for Squid Game Reward

DailyPVP, AR implementations.

Fixing and upgrading Squid Game, adding Voice Chat feature.

The next New Mons Festival.

NFT Equipments.

Guild System, Friend list.

VRF integration, Keepers of ChainLink.

Besides, listing and partnership expansion activities (marketing & product growth) are being strongly conducted.



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Binemon NFT Game

Binemon NFT Game


Inspired by Axie Infinity to create a true 3D Idle GameFi version. Try it out and be amazed!