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Binemon NFT Game
3 min readMar 12, 2022

As for our initial plan in product development roadmap, completing 3 out of 10 phases within the last 7 months has been a phenomenal growth pace for Binemon. Besides consistently launching new products and announcing new plans, we also prioritized adjustments in distributing the game’s resources to balance product development duration, players’ earnings, and enhancement in players’ excellence.

In this article, we are summarizing new changes and directions to distribute resources in different game modes.

1. PVP

After being utilized as the primary earning method for players while anticipating the completion of other game modes, PVP is now back with its true intended nature: a competition that prolongs as a tournament.

Starting from April 2022, each PVP Season will last for 30 days, allowing more time for players to prepare better individual and team-up strategies. Alongside, Rank thresholds will be appropriately adjusted, and the total reward is expected to be up to 15,000,000 $BIN for each season.

2. PVE

EXP is an essential resource that requires players to invest time and effort to collect. It significantly affects the power of your Mons (NFTs) and consequentially, your earning in PVP. Besides, EXP also affects the value of Mons (NFTs) when traded on Marketplace.

Therefore, PVE mode will be renamed to “Training”. In PVE, players can get familiar with Binemon Game and collect more EXP for your Mons (NFTs). More stages with diverse NPC formations will be introduced to help players adapt and discover all possible strategies to become the ultimate winner.

3. Squid Game Series

As previously announced on new changes in Binemon Squid Game series, your Mons (NFTs) will no longer be burned if you lose in this game mode. This implies the new requirement for you to participate in Binemon Game: owning just 1 NFT. We aim for this game mode to create the differentiation and uniqueness of Binemon to better approach new players and ultimately create a daily income source for current players.

Therefore, Binemon Squid Game will focus on improving 3 elements: number of games in the series, number of daily matches, and gaming experience.

  • In the next update, Binemon Squid Game will come with 16 rooms per day, 8 for Red Light Green Light and 8 for Glass Bridge. At the same time, the reward distribution mechanism will include both $BIN token and Skill Gems. You are entirely capable of sustaining a stable income.

⏰ RLGL (8 rooms): 0AM, 2AM, 4AM, 6AM, 8AM, 10AM, 12PM, 14PM (UTC)

⏰ GB (8 rooms): 1AM, 3AM, 5AM, 7AM, 9AM, 11AM, 13PM, 15PM (UTC)

  • Concept and release plan for the 3rd game in Squid Game Series with VR/AR implemented are both being developed and executed. Adjustments and upgrades for RLGL, GB will be consistently carried out, promising to enhance players’ gaming experience day by day.

Thank you for your understanding and companionship. Always retain your faith, as we are consistently working with endeavor. Binemon is growing with competency in both product completion and market penetration. Time will prove how far we can go.



Binemon NFT Game

Inspired by Axie Infinity to create a true 3D Idle GameFi version. Try it out and be amazed!