Binemon #NFT 3D graphics — attractive gameplay and huge rewards

What is Binemon?

Binemon is the association of GameFi, NFT World and Metaverse where players can earn huge rewards for real money while participating in attractive gameplay and immerse themselves in exhilarating experiences. The business model is also known as “play-to-earn” in the Gaming industry.

The potential of Blockchain and NFT (Non-fungible token) is paving the way for Game Industry to promote without stopping. NFT Gaming takes the Crypto World by storm with multiple Blockchain projects. Currently, gameplay in Blockchain projects still brings a sense of boredom for players due to lack of attractiveness, static 2D graphics or even they cloned each other to catch up with the NFT Gaming trend. That’s the reason for the release of Binemon — attractive gameplay with huge rewards for players, associated with astounding meme NFT 3D graphics. Let’s discover the uniqueness of Binemon.

Outstanding features:

1. Unique Monster system: Hatching Eggs, Mons Fusion, PVE, PVP, GVG (Guild), Land, Building, Metaverse…

Mons (NFTs) can only be acquired by hatching Eggs. The egg-hatching mechanic is gacha-implemented. Mons are received randomly with different Races (Doge, Cat, Unicorn and Titan), Classes (Fighter, Archer, Mage, Tanker, Support) and Parts (Head, Body, Tail, Ears, Face, Skin, Horn, Wings).

First of all, you need to purchase Eggs and hatch your own Binemon, then purchase Ambrosia (AMB) which can be used for: Fusion, Paid Ticket, Special missions unlock.

BIN Token can now be used for Egg purchases (break to get NFTs) and Ambrosia (fusion & stamina refill).

Every Mon will grow through 3 phases: Baby, Teenage, Adult. Each Mon has its uniqueness, no duplicates and its own gacha (random) mechanic.

Each Mon receives ultimate and passive skill sets after being born and can participate in a Battle between Player vs Player or Player vs Environment.

Baby Mon is not strong enough to win your Battle, and needs to increase strength by Fusion.

Fusion system is a special feature of Binemon Game that allows the combination of Mons (NFTs) to create a higher ranking Mons with more power and elegance. After successful fusion, new Ultimate and Passive skill sets will be randomly generated for the newly born Mon, which arouses the player’s passion in exhilarating experience with Binemon.

The entire game rule leads the player to the fascinating Metaverse with the capability of owning and trading NFT Assets such as Characters, Items and especially Lands.

Binemon Metaverse

Moreover, Binemon has the ambition to become a metaverse with its capability to create guild life, purchase land and even build houses powered by NFT and blockchain technology. Players have ownership rights thanks to NFTs and are able to exchange those assets for money.

“Chat Together” — the first Metaverse feature in Binemon World. Inspired by “Play Together”, this feature is the first application of the Metaverse concept in an idle game. Players (Mons) will join a shared lobby to have 3D interactions, chit chat and… party.

2. Astounding #NFT 3D graphics available on Android, IOS, Web GL

Binemon raises the NFT Games to a new level with its unique graphics and gameplay. 3D graphics are designed by talented artists with astounding meme #NFT style of the Crypto world.

In order to enhance the player’s experience, Binemon not only activates on Web games, Binemon has its own App on Android, IOS, creating a convenient environment for players to play Games anytime, anywhere.

3. Based on high speed Blockchain with near-zero Gas fee

There are two most popular Blockchains: Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, but many disadvantages from exorbitant gas fees or network congestion. Exorbitant gas fees have nearly posed challenges to the creativity and innovation of NFT Gaming project launches or even it is much more expensive than the rewards for players. Moreover, network congestion gives rise to lost user engagement for existing projects.

Binemon uses its specific Blockchain. DRKChain acts as an incentive for Binemon users to achieve huge rewards without the barrier of fee. In addition, DRKChain can solve the problem of network congestion by fast and stable transaction speed.

However, the main token of Binemon — BIN is set on Binance Smart Chain, which creates favorable conditions for users to trade on our existing exchanges.

4. Reward mechanism is huge but anti-inflation, fairness, anti-cheat.

Binemon would deliver many Play-to-earn mechanisms and enhance the business model with unrivalled features to maximize the potential of Metaverse:

  • PVP Daily Reward and PVP Battle Reward
  • PVE Campaign, PVE Tower, PVE Dungeon, PVE Boss
  • AFK Reward: Mons (NFTs) staking
  • Tournament
  • GVG (Guild) Rewards
  • BineLand: Land growth in value, Farming Reward, Building and Trading
  • BineAds: Reward from advertising

Season 1 marks the beginning of Binemon’s Play-to-earn system with PVP battle rewards:

  • Season Reward: players can receive up to $ 50k for the top ranking every 30 days.
  • Battle Reward: weekly
  • Daily Reward: everyday
  • Rank Title Reward: anytime

Thanks to the entire outstanding features, Binemon absolutely gains a competitive edge over all current GameFi projects. Moreover, Binemon has currently a very low Marketcap and gained the attention of more than 138,000 members. In the near future, Binemon definitely launches new functions to attract millions of players, followed by the unlimited potential to increase Marketcap of Binemon.

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Inspired by Axie Infinity to create a true 3D Idle GameFi version. Try it out and be amazed!

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Binemon NFT Game

Binemon NFT Game

Inspired by Axie Infinity to create a true 3D Idle GameFi version. Try it out and be amazed!

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