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2 min readNov 26, 2022

We can all agree that the strong growth of Binemon Game implies the growth of both Apple and BIN. Therefore, players are a crucial factor to the development of the project. However, it needs to be specified that Apple is the determinant of this group’s benefit. The big question arises: How to assure Apple’s value, Binemon Game’s growth, and consequently sustain value for BIN?

RiskFreeValue is the most appropriate answer with its function being buyback and burn, meaning pumping price and deflating supply. RiskFreeValue is required to implement in both Apple and BIN.

We have made the decision to convert Liquidity Pool of BIN token to RiskFreeValue Fund to secure and coordinate the value of Apple and BIN tokens.

Plan subjects:

1. Liquidity Pool of BIN token is essentially a fund to develop Binemon Game, owned by the project.

2. The liquidity of BIN token and the main trading market will be moved to and concentrated at listed exchanges such as, MEXC,… This means that holders and traders will no longer suffer any trading tax inconvenience.

3. RiskFreeValue Fund will be a public wallet address (0xA36B9dC17E421d86ddF8e490dAFA87344e76125B) and regularly be updated and voted on social media to decide before every use. Binemon Team will NOT use RFV Fund for any purpose other than Buyback and Burn.

4. RiskFreeValue Fund will ensure Apple Token price is not less than $0.1 to protect the interests of gamers. Strong game and strong players benefit both Apple and BIN.


1. Unlist BIN-BNB Liquidity Pool on Pancakeswap, move 310M BIN and 1150 BNB to RiskFreeValue Fund address:


2. Permanently burn 310M BIN, equivalent to ~40% circulating supply

3. Organize Voting to use 1150 BNB for BIN and Apple Buyback & Burn EVERY WEEK

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