How to start with Binemon NFT Game?

Binemon NFT Game
4 min readSep 26, 2021

Are you ready to join Binemon NFT Game? Let us have a chance to steer you on this exhilarating journey.

We are here to ensure that you are equipped with the best preparation before jumping into Binemon Game.
What you will need is a PC or a Smartphone/Tablet running on Android. Remember to set Metamask available to make transactions with ease.
*Currently, our iOS version is fully occupied. We will introduce the official app for Binemon Game on App Store in the near future. Stay connected with us for the latest news.

Binemon — Chapter II — Athena

How to start with Binemon Game

📌Step 1: Download Binemon app:

Binemon App

Binemon app is available at:
Binemon’s official web browser version:

The convenience of Binemon Game might get too addictive for all types of players!

📌Step 2: Buy $BIN Token

1️⃣ Download Metamask

2️⃣ Install “Smart Chain” network (BSC Chain) and own some BNB

3️⃣ Access:, or use the contract 0xe56842ed550ff2794f010738554db45e60730371 to search for “BIN” Token
4️⃣ Connect your Metamask wallet to PancakeSwap

5️⃣ Swap “BNB” for “BIN”

📌Step 3: Register for Binemon Account

1️⃣ Access the website:

2️⃣ Login > Click here to register > Fill information > Confirm email address

3️⃣ Connect your Metamask wallet

⚠️Note: 1 Metamask wallet address can be associated with only 1 Account!

📌Step 4: You need to purchase Eggs and hatch your own Mons.

For more details on Eggs, please head to:

📌 Buy Eggs with $BIN

Binemon Egg

1️⃣ Access:

2️⃣ Login to your account (If you do not have an account, please create one)

3️⃣ On Binemon Marketplace, connect your Metamask wallet (Binance Smart Chain)

4️⃣ Go to “Buy” > “Items”

5️⃣ Purchase Eggs with your $BIN

Now, you can hatch Eggs to get Mons (NFTs). Every Mon will grow through 3 phases: Baby, Teenage, Adult. Each Mon has its own uniqueness and gacha (random) mechanism, which can not be duplicated.

Three phases of Binemon

Each Mon receives Ultimate and Passive Skill Sets at birth and can fight in Player vs. Player (PVP) or Player vs. Environment (PVE) battles.
Refer to:
A baby Mon will not be strong enough to win every battles, thus needs to increase strength through Fusion system.

📌Step 5: How to fuse Mons?

Use $BIN token to buy Ambrosia (AMB).
AMB is an in-game unit that can be used for: Fusion, Paid Ticket purchase, Special missions unlock, (in-game purchases).
Refer to:

Binemon — AMB

1️⃣ Access:

2️⃣ Login to your account (If you do not have an account, please create one)

3️⃣ On Binemon Marketplace, connect your Metamask wallet (Binance Smart Chain)

4️⃣ Go to “Buy” > “Items”

5️⃣ Purchase AMB with your $BIN

Fusion is a special feature of Binemon Game that allows the combination of Mons (NFTs) to create a higher ranking Mon with more power and nobility. The more power you have in your line-up, the better chance you have with P2E!

How to fuse Mons?

Please refer to Fusion system:

Binemon Fusion

Formula for Fusion Result (Primary Stats):

Strength/ Agility/ Intelligence Stat’ = max(Stats of ingredient Mons) + 10% Stat’ + lucky stats bonus

Binemon — Homescreen

In Binemon homescreen, select [Fuse], pick two or more Mons to Fuse into a higher ranking Mon.
In the upcoming articles, we will make detailed instructions about how to fuse the highest ranking Mons.
Stay updated to receive further instructions on Binemon PVP Season 1.

Binemon — Season 1

Season 1 marks the beginning of Binemon’s Play-to-earn system with PVP battle rewards:

  • Season Reward: every 30 days, players can receive up to $50k for top ranked position.
  • Battle Reward: weekly
  • Daily Reward: everyday
  • Rank Title Reward: anytime

🦄About Binemon:

Binemon is the association of GameFi, NFT World and Metaverse where players can earn huge rewards in real money while participating in an attractive gameplay and immerse themselves in exhilarating experiences. The business model is also known as “play-to-earn” in the Gaming industry.

Outstanding features:

- Unique Mons system: Hatching Eggs with Gacha mechanism, Mons Fusion, PVE, PVP, GVG (Guild), Land, Building, Metaverse…

- Astounding #NFT 3D graphics

available on Android, iOS, Web GL

- Near-zero gas fee

- Reward mechanism is huge and anti-inflation, fairness, anti-cheat.

Binemon Social Media:

🌐 Website:
🌐 Marketplace:
📰 Twitter:
📣 Channel:
🎞 Youtube:
📰 Instagram:
💬 Discord:
💬 Global Group:



Binemon NFT Game

Inspired by Axie Infinity to create a true 3D Idle GameFi version. Try it out and be amazed!