How to use Binemon’s Scholarship feature.

Binemon NFT Game
2 min readApr 5, 2022

Binemon Scholarship’s participants can be categorized into 2 types: General and Soldier

  • General: Mons owner who shares generated profit with the authorized Play To Earn person
  • Soldier: the authorized P2E person, who will benefit from shared profit from Generals

Step 1

General is required to own Mons in his account and might need to pay fees (AMB) to join game modes. Soldier needs to have a personal in-game account with linked wallet to receive shared profits.

Step 2

General acceesses, log in and link the wallet containing Mons NFTs. Select Scholarship at the right corner of the screen.

Meaning of information in the Scholarship window:

  • Current Scholar: username of Soldier currently sharing profit
  • Scholarship rate: rate of profit sharing (%) from Generals. Scholarship rate is 30% by default
  • Scholarship expiration: time interval of the current Scholarship

Generals can rename their Soldiers, change Scholarship rate and expiry by filling in the below window.

Step 3

Generals will then provide their username & password to their Soldiers and begin to Play to Earn. A part of profit (agreed beforehand) will always be automatically shared between accounts of Generals and Soldiers.

Note: Generals should only provide their in-game account, not the Private Key of the linked wallet.

After the Scholarship ends, Generals can change password of their account to ensure that no one except for them can access it.



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