Plans for Season 19 Reward Distribution

Binemon NFT Game
3 min readFeb 26, 2022

Binemon has gone through 18 seasons and established a P2E model that receives and distributes rewards diversely, sustainably for the community of supporters of this Idle & Metaverse game title. Alongside, the migration to BNBChain, the introduction of Squid Game series, and the assistance from GuildFiFound have opened up numerous growth opportunities in product development, players’ income, and brand awareness of Binemon within the crypto market.

However, balancing the economic system of a GameFi is not an easy task, proven by the downfall of notable industry names and cash flow pressures that lead to cases of rug pull and scam in a number of projects.

We, Binemon Team, are fully aware of the circumstances. Since the beginning, we have set Binemon’s goals to be a sustainable operation that effectively exists in the market long enough for the team to refine the project’s core: product. Meanwhile, during the process, we strive to ensure a basic income for the community to continue to accompany the project and contribute to the mutual growth, heading towards an absolute target of us: The billions market cap project. When the mutual goals are met, all individual goals of every companion will also be fulfilled.

Binemon has never been the most dominant GameFi project, but will always strive to do it better than yesterday, just like #BinArmy.

Following that spirit, we are bringing the community a new plan in reward distribution from Season 19 onwards and its implications.


In PVP Reward Distribution, Bronze and Silver players will receive a converted AMB & BNB earning percentage (12.5% for each rank) that equal: 2 Skill Gem Mystery Fragments for every Bronze player & 4 Skill Gem Mystery Fragments for every Silver players in each 7-day season.

At the same time, PVE will focus entirely on buffing EXP for Mons and stop Skill Gem reward distribution for this game mode.


  1. Since launched, Skill Gem has demonstrated its effectiveness on the battlefield. Market demand always prevails, especially from players with top-tier formations and substantial earnings. Therefore, the value of Skill Gem is always guaranteed. Skill Gem can be treated as an NFT reward with a special financial enhancement for low-tier players. By acquiring only one Gem, you have earned yourself an income that might equal your initial investment on NFT Mons.
  2. The discontinued distribution of Skill Gem reward through PVE will stimulate notable scarcity for this distinguished NFT. Fact is, the group of most active social supporters consists of mostly Bronze & Silver players, and you will need to achieve Gold or higher to see and feel the income of a Game Job truly.
  3. Therefore, PVP Skill Gem reward is intentionally aimed towards most players (>2000 players) in the Bronze and Silver ranks as a special and necessary favor for this segment of supporters.

While Binemon Team is constantly putting in work to refine strategic products in $BIN ecosystem and execute ongoing market plans such as exchange listing and partnership, we, including you, #BinArmy, are not in a time of difficulty, instead, we are being prepared and ready for an outburst at any moment now.



Binemon NFT Game

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