Plans for Season 19 Reward Distribution



  1. Since launched, Skill Gem has demonstrated its effectiveness on the battlefield. Market demand always prevails, especially from players with top-tier formations and substantial earnings. Therefore, the value of Skill Gem is always guaranteed. Skill Gem can be treated as an NFT reward with a special financial enhancement for low-tier players. By acquiring only one Gem, you have earned yourself an income that might equal your initial investment on NFT Mons.
  2. The discontinued distribution of Skill Gem reward through PVE will stimulate notable scarcity for this distinguished NFT. Fact is, the group of most active social supporters consists of mostly Bronze & Silver players, and you will need to achieve Gold or higher to see and feel the income of a Game Job truly.
  3. Therefore, PVP Skill Gem reward is intentionally aimed towards most players (>2000 players) in the Bronze and Silver ranks as a special and necessary favor for this segment of supporters.



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Binemon NFT Game

Binemon NFT Game


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