Reworked PVE: Gameplay and Reward


  1. PVE Map includes multiple stages with increasing difficulty. Players will encounter NPCs and Bosses with diverse strengths and skills.
  2. At 0 AM UTC everyday, players’ PVE progress will be reset to Stage 0, and all Mons fought will be restored HP/MP.
  3. Players fighting in PVE battles will be given 1 free ticket daily, starting from Stage 0:
  • Win: HP/MP of Mons remain unchanged and player progresses to the next stage.
  • Lose: get PVE result based on the highest stage cleared.

4. Players can switch or replace PVE formation with Mons in Inventory, as long as the formation contains 5 Mons to start the battle.

5. Paid tickets will allow players to start over as a new attempt from Stage 0 (HP/MP restored).


PVE rewards include EXP, Skill Gems (NFTs) and more to be added in the future.

Players when reaching the highest stage in the day will be randomly granted Mystery Fragments (open to receive Skill Fragments) as follow:

  • Stopping at Map 1: receive Mystery Fragment randomly from 0 to 2
  • Stopping at Map 2: receive Mystery Fragment randomly from 0 to 3
  • Stopping at Map 3: receive Mystery Fragment randomly from 0 to 4

Reworked PVE gameplay is expected to be implemented into Binemon Game right after iOS TestFlight listing in the next few days.

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